BoNY Team

Our Mission

Celebrate Bengali culture and people through storytelling, community building and discourse in order to further empower the diaspora

Team Members
BoNY Operations Ninja

Noshin Khan

Operations Ninja + Chief of Staff

Noshin Khan manages the Instagram for BoNY and oversees graphics. As Chief of Staff, she helps coordinate and motivate all of BoNY's team members to produce the amazing content that it does. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Princeton University with a minor in Neuroscience. Noshin now attends Harvard University for her Master's degree in Architecture. She strongly believes that the art of storytelling can inspire and energize others in the Bengali-American community. Noshin hopes to empower women through her own work in male-dominated fields. On her free time, Noshin likes to sing, play guitar, watch The Office, sketch, run, and try new food joints in the best city in the world.

Diba Choudhury

International Ambassador - UK

Diba Choudhury is our UK ambassador for BoNY, expanding our reach beyond New York and introducing Bengali talent from across the Atlantic. The British-Bengali culture adds to the diversity that is displayed and represented on the BoNY platform. She also works with event co-ordination in NY and hoping to recreate the same in the UK.

Hamida Chumpa

Director of Storytelling

Hamida Chumpa joined BONY in 2018 inspired to highlight the voices in the Bengali community that are oftentimes neglected. She is passionate in civic engagement and women empowerment. Hamida has been involved in curating various social media posts as well as editing the narratives of those who are featured. She believes storytelling is the key to dismantle ignorance derived from stereotypes and broaden people’s cultural awareness. Outside of BONY, she is an undergraduate student studying Public Health at Baruch College. In her free time, she enjoys painting, writing, and creating weird food combinations. 

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