By Kamrul Khan GRAMER BARI KOTHAI?  Seriously. Don’t you get annoyed when a Bengali person asks you that question? Especially because

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By Roshni Khan @biryani.soul “Amakey maaf korey den”, I heard a small voice behind me as I settled into the dusty

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Self Love

When did we become afraid to love ourselves? I am often called a narcissist, frequently in jest. But even jokes carry some truth to them. Why does my love for myself somehow threaten others?

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Eating with our hands

After I got my first of many plates, I found myself looking around and having an internal conflict, ‘Should I eat with my hands or use utensils?’

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It’s a chilly afternoon and I am in a local subway at the corner of East 84th and Lexington with my friend Amatan. Colloquially known as “Amy”, Amatan Noor is the creative director behind Bengali of New York’s recent campaign.

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Jungle in the Fire-Escape

Anyone that grew up in a large apartment building in New York had a love-hate relationship with their fire-escape. Something that was created only to use in case of a dangerous situation ended up being used for everything but. I seriously used to think that if there was a fire in my apartment, my family and I would all die.

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