By Sadia Noor Joya

Almost at the end of 2021 and you haven’t spared some time to update your Bengali playlist? Worry no more, we have you covered:

1.SHUNNO – Behula

Teamed up with the brilliance of Antik Mahmud (Antik Animated Studio), Shunno brings forward the fascinating urban mythology of Behula-Lakhindar in a present day video game visualization of 4:26 minutes with bold lyrics depicting the hardships endured by Behula. This is a story of the snake goddess called, Manasha, who, in a fit of rage, instructs a snake to bite Lakhindar as Lakhindar’s dad declines to accept and worship Manasha as a goddess. Behula, wife of Lakhindar, is determined to win her husband’s life and ultimately fights the goddess only with her sheer will and courage. The music video is a tribute to all the courageous women of our lives who continue to take daring steps, fight and win against the odds for us.

2.MUZA – Noya Daman

Muza, our all-time favorite artist residing in New York is adamant to introduce Bangladeshi music in a modern way, still carrying the roots that the music was originally based on. Many of the older members of our family might remember a song “Noya Jamai” (New Groom) that used to blast at wedding ceremonies and other cultural programs in the ancient days in villages back in Bangladesh. Muza has recreated this traditional song by putting a twist to it with some Sylheti words and naming his version, “Noya Daman.” What an amazing way to share the good old times’ tradition with today’s generation! No wonder why this dance number grabbed so much attention at home and abroad!

3. TAHSAN KHAN – Ekdin

It’s finally the time to get mesmerized with Tahsan’s voice. “Ekdin” was released as a Valentine’s special music video in February. Filmed in a way to rest your eyes, the song creates a sense of tranquility with some beach scenarios. It’s soothing and catchy tune will have you subconsciously humming it while you’re waiting at the traffic light on the way to work!


“Buk Chin Chin” is a classic favorite song for a dance number; it’s been recently remade by musicians of today’s generation. Originally, it was sung by the legendary singers, the late Andrew Kishore and Doly Sayontoni, for a film. The remake highlights the vivid graffiti and the energetic performance of the artists. Both versions are equally peppy and you will want to hit the dance floor once this is blasting on the speakers!

5. SHUNNO – Bibiya

Yet another masterpiece by Shunno, saluting the fishermen fathers of the coastal areas. “Bibiya” is the term that fathers use to call daughters in Cox’s Bazar. Upon witnessing this, Shunno decided to acknowledge the bravery fishermen fathers put into their profession. No one knows what will happen at sea so hero fathers urge their kids to go to bed before they set sail into unknown waters. They hope to return safely and soundly to their beloved children before they wake up from sleep. Add a dash of encouraging words in this story and voila! Shunno is not going to let you down. The animated video is done by another amazing artist, Antik Mahmud.









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