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Season 1
Conversation with Bengali comedian, Zubi Ahmed

Zubi is a comedian and filmmaker from Brooklyn. She co-hosts a show with Pooja Reddy called Kutti Gang, which features South Asian women, queer, and gnc performers. She also wrote and directed a web series called “Polterheist,” which is available to watch on Vimeo.

Season 1
Interview with political organizer Mufazzal Hossain

Interview with Mufazzal Hossain, who is running for District Leader in Assembly District 38 and is currently treasurer for the Queens County Young Democrats as well as treasurer for Brent O’leary, who is City Council candidate in council district 26.

Season 1
Interview with two nonprofit superstars

BoNY celebrates its tenth episode by celebrating two energetic, intelligent and thoughtful young Bengalis making a name for themselves by doing for others. BoNY talks to Naurin, who sheds light on some of the many issues facing young girls in the Rohingya camps, and Kohen who talks about the mentoring non-profit he helped start.

Season 1
Interview with founder of The Bangladesh Story

The BoNY team speaks to Mo Khandaker, founder of “The Bangladesh Story”, that highlights key events in pre-partition Bangladesh to modern day. A very informative episode with our very first guest! You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn.

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