Our Mission

Celebrate Bengali culture and people through storytelling, community building and discourse in order to further empower the diaspora.

Team Members
BoNY Operations Ninja

Noshin Khan

COO, Chief of Staff

Noshin Khan oversees operations at BoNY. As Chief of Staff, she helps coordinate and motivate all of BoNY's team members to produce the amazing content that it does. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Princeton University with a minor in Neuroscience. Noshin now attends Harvard University for her Master's degree in Architecture. She strongly believes that the art of storytelling can inspire and energize others in the Bengali-American community. Noshin hopes to empower women through her own work in male-dominated fields. On her free time, Noshin likes to sing, play guitar, watch rom coms, and try new food joints in the best city in the world.

Diba Choudhury

International Ambassador - UK

Diba Choudhury is our UK ambassador for BoNY, expanding our reach beyond New York and introducing Bengali talent from across the Atlantic. The British-Bengali culture adds to the diversity that is displayed and represented on the BoNY platform. She also works with event co-ordination in NY and hoping to recreate the same in the UK.

Hamida Chumpa

Director of Storytelling

Hamida Chumpa joined BoNY in 2018 inspired to highlight the voices in the Bengali community that are oftentimes neglected. She is passionate in civic engagement and women empowerment. Hamida has been involved in curating various social media posts as well as editing the narratives of those who are featured. She believes storytelling is the key to dismantle ignorance derived from stereotypes and broaden people’s cultural awareness. Outside of BoNY, she is an undergraduate student studying Public Health at Baruch College. In her free time, she enjoys painting, writing, and creating weird food combinations. 

Ameera Choudhury

Special Events Coordinator

Ameera joined BoNY in 2020 because she loved how mission driven the organization was. Ameera is a special events coordinator at BoNY working on the TEDx event. She also helps manage the LinkedIn and BoNY diaspora pages. In her free time, Ameera enjoys reading, traveling and most of all eating and curating food tours around New York City!

Rumki Chowdhury

Chief Editor

Rumki Chowdhury is the Editor of Bengalis of New York. Moreover, she is the Editor of World Hijab Day, Online Assistant Editor for Hayati Magazine and writer for Brown Girl Magazine. Rumki is an award-winning published author of three books, "So Complicated," "Her Feet Chime," and "Unveiled." She has an MA in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London, a BA in English Writing from William Paterson University of New Jersey and an English Subject Teaching Degree from Gävle Högskolan in Sweden. She speaks Bengali and Swedish fluently! She has years of experience in the media and publishing worlds, including The Record Newspaper, The Herald Newspaper, Pearson Higher Education Publishing and Simon & Schuster Inc. Her passion for writing transcends into teaching English in Stockholm, Sweden, where she lives with her husband and their three daughters.

Farahin Choudhury

FB Manager / Graphics Team Member

Farahin is from New Jersey, but born in Canada, and has lived in New York and Bangladesh. She loves to explore, meet and learn about new people, and play music - she has recently picked up the ukulele.

Shamma Ali

Project Manager /Special Events Coordinator

Shamma joined BoNY in 2020 in hopes of connecting with her cultural background and identity. Currently, Shamma is one of the special events coordinators at BoNY working on an upcoming TEDx event and spends her time answering our Instagram inbox by engaging with members of our community. Ultimately, she hopes to use these same interpersonal skills that she has developed through her time at BoNY to empower members of the Bengali-Immigrant community as a future professional. In her free time, Shamma also loves to draw and rewatch episodes of White Collar.

Naurin Islam

Twitter Manager / Graphics Team Member

Naurin Islam is the current Twitter manager and Graphics Team Member of BoNY. She's in charge of creating the Bangladesh Cities and Bangladesh's Indigenous Tribes Threads on Twitter and Instagram. Naurin received her Bachelor's in Political Science from Stony Brook University, and a Master's in Global Affairs from New York University. She hopes to use her experiences in the international development and human rights field to expand people's perspectives of the Bengali diaspora in New York. In her free time, Naurin likes to draw, which she sells and does commissions for those who are interested.

Sadia Noor Joya

Writer / Translator

Sadia came to the United States in 2019 and since then she has been in a quest of ways to be a part of the Bengali community present here. Her home district is Bikrampur; however, she was raised in Narayanganj and finished her high school in 2019 from Changes (An English Medium School). After she discovered her writing urges on the Canadian app, Wattpad and British website, The Student Room; and translating thirsts from TED talks, she knew it would be totally apt to join BoNY to reach out to the greater audience of the Bengali diaspora.

Founder Of BoNY

Kamrul Khan


Kamrul Khan started BoNY as a passion project to highlight the entrepreneurial journeys of Bengali Street Vendors in New York. Since then, BoNY has grown in to so much more. Kamrul hosts the weekly BoNY Podcast and tries to keep up with everything else BoNY has going on.