BoNY is proud to have a network of amazing organizations that share in our goals and objectives. Please show your support. 

Mai Soli Foundation

Mai Soli Foundation seeks to tackle gender inequality and cyclical dependency at it's root, by freeing young girls to unlock their potential through education and empowerment, specifically focusing on Bangladeshi girls.

Project New Yorker

Seeks to improve the livelihood of vulnerable and under-resourced immigrant women and youth by providing digital skills training and resources required to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Noya Jibon

Noya Jibon is a global affordable-luxury fashion company focused on providing the world with premium quality clothing & accessories while simultaneously empowering all who are involved.


Seeks to create an active networking platform for Bangladeshi-American professionals in addition to developing and empowering students and entry-level professionals through mentorship, network development and knowledge sharing.

Royal Bengal Tea House

Royal Bengal Tea House is a group of musicians, poets and activists based out of greater New York City area. We thrive to build a better community through activism, fashion, story telling and art.

Khan's Tutorials

Khan's Tutorial is a tutoring academy with 10 locations in the New York metro area. Since it’s inception in 1994, by Dr. Mansur Khan, the expert team at Khan’s Tutorial has helped thousands of students excel in their standardized exams, achieve outstanding grades, and gain acceptance to the specialized high schools & top universities across the nation.

Bengali Mental Health Movement (BMHM) is an initiative that was born out of a desire to unite our unique community in an effort to make mental health resources more accessible and to break the stigma of speaking about our mental health experiences.BMHM seeks to provide culturally-specific & linguistically-accessible resources for the community in order to bridge the gap between the Bengali community and mental health services. We are dedicated to cultivating a network of mental health professionals who can better meet the needs of the Bengali community.The hope is that by sharing our narratives, we will build solidarity and support one another in our trials, triumphs, struggles, and success. BMHM aspires to create a more honest, open, and safe environment for Bengali individuals to express their relationships with mental health.

Bangladesh Development Project

As young Bangladeshis in the United States, BDP believes that it is imperative to shed light on the injustices imposed on underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Unjust labor laws, unequal educational opportunities, and healthcare inequities are realities that we cannot escape.

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