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Grief of a Pet Death

Illustration by Martha Pluto via By Tamara Syed@tamarasyed   This article is part of a series called, “The Many Faces of Grief.” As someone who has experienced various forms of grief, I hope to help others navigate through this difficult, but necessary emotion. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met

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The Tandaa Movement is More than Just a Bottle

THE TANDAA MOVEMENT IS MORE THAN JUST A BOTTLE By Shaolin Barid@shaolin_b6 Tandaa Bottle Supply was founded by Ferdouse Chowdhury amidst a global pandemic, but there is one thing certain behind all of that uncertainty, the story behind this product’s creation can change lives. In fact, the pandemic presented many creative blocks for emerging leaders

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“Mission Extreme” Transcending Limits

“Mission Extreme” Transcending Limits in 2021By Sadia Noor JoyaInstagram @noorj.2948 There is a Bengali movie reigning the streets of both Bangladesh and America; it’s called, “Mission Extreme!” Advanced on all levels of technology, action, dialogue and a superb cast, “Mission Extreme” is taking the Bangladeshi film industry to new heights. It is a sequel to

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Chili Pepper Cooks: Kacha Morich Ranna Kore

Chili Pepper Cooks: Kacha Morich Ranna Kore By Janan SarwarInstagram@rxjanan and @globalbookshelves Website: Kacha morich, the staple garnish on most Bengali family’s dinner table, next to piyaj, lebu, lobon and the “bone plate.”-Image credit: Janan Sarwar.   The last time I visited my parents’ home was for Thanksgiving holiday. While they wanted to surprise

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Millennial Amma: Instilling Self-Esteem in Our Children

By Rumki Chowdhury@rumkitheauthor As an English teacher, I encounter at least five kids in my class that lack self-esteem on a daily basis. I cannot count the number of times I have heard the words, “I can’t” or “I can’t do it!” The same goes for my own children, at home. I am sharing my

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