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5 Tips On Parenting Generation Alpha

By Rumki Chowdhury @rumkitheauthor “No.” “Never.” “You’re too young to understand.” Or… the simple death stare, followed by silence. That’s what most of us, millennials, grew up with. Our parents almost never had to explain themselves because we rarely asked the question, “Why?” As a millennial ma or baba, we can say, “No,” but our

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Have you talked about mental health with your Bangladeshi parents?

By Sumaya Ahmed @Lavishsuma_ Why is mental health so taboo in the Bangladeshi culture? Why is anxiety and depression deemed to be something to be kept secret among family members? There are so many moments that come to mind that edify how unmentionable mental health is in our culture. I remember the time my friend’s

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Why You Should Never Idolize Anyone

By Muhammed Asif Khan @Muhammed Asif Khan In a post-covid world, you are hanging out with a bunch of friends in a restaurant in Gulshan, enjoying a delicious serving of sushi and tempura. You guys are animatedly discussing about last week’s EPL scores, the need for a vacation to Bhutan, the latest marriage in your

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6 Multitasking Tips for the Millennial Ma

Millennial Ma aka Rumki Chowdhury shares her secret recipe to doing it all and keeping sane with three kids! By Rumki Chowdhury @rumkitheauthor If your house is smelling like freshly-cooked curry, then most likely, a Bengali Millennial Ma lives there. At least, that’s how it is for me. The working mother who is balancing both

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