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For the Love of Bengali Cooking

I remember being fascinated by a hand-me-down recipe coloring book for kids that my aunt gave me when I first came to the U.S. There were crayon marks on every other page, but I didn’t care. For an immigrant child, it was a glimpse into the exciting world of American food (which in hindsight I

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Four Ways How Millennial Ma Teaches Responsibility

In more ways than one, we, millennial parents surprisingly end up sounding like our parents and we continue with many of their traditions. Let’s face it, the kid inside of us just doesn’t completely let go. This might mean that each of us has both similar and different techniques of raising our children and that’s

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The Power of EFT for Your Mental Health

Sumaya Ahmed IG: @LavishSuma_ As an EFT practitioner, my goal is to bring this powerful technique into the Bangladeshi community to help our people with mental health issues and with pain points that are holding them back from aligning with their dreams and highest level of self.  Stress, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior tends to

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The Truth about being a “Brown” Girl in America

Being a teenager in America is like being a rat in a maze. We are constantly running around and trying to figure out how to be successful and live up to the crazy standards established by society. It seems as if we are stuck and will never be able to escape this insanely complicated maze

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