Conversation with a talented young start-up superstar, Mizan

In today’s podcast, we speak with Mizan. Listen to how one can make it in the start-up world and Mizan’s interesting observations about Bengalis in New York as someone who grew up in the Middle-East and came to the US as an adult.

Excerpt: “After I moved back to NYC I took the first job I could find; car sales (horrible btw). I also worked weird jobs cleaning for people, or building TV stands etc… I remember a specific instance where the owner of the car lot told me to sell a car (on loan) to someone that, based on his credit and income, obviously could not afford it. This sort of practice always made me feel uneasy.

Fast forward a few years: I’ve worked at some of the fastest growing startups helping them scale their sales teams. Now, my approach to sales is much different. I want to bring value to my customers and sometimes that means not pitching my products.
I’m from Beanibazaar, Sylhet and I think there are so many memes about people from there because we are considered to be shrewd business-people, so we are much more about dollars and cents and there are a lot of successful business people from that part of Sylhet. It’s funny but it’s those things like “I don’t talk to Noakhalis or I don’t talk to people from Gulabganj” to which I’m like, what do you know? How much time have you even spent in Bangladesh?!”

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