From Fokir to Prince – Conversation with Prince Sha

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with Prince Sha, a senior at Tufts University and his story of being a child of immigrants and how he has aspired towards greater heights through his parent’s sacrifices.

Excerpt: “My dad came to the US on the visa lottery, like a lot of dads. He applied for the lottery and was the only one in his village who won. He was ecstatic, everyone in the village thought the streets here was paved with gold. When I was born and my dada (father’s father) hears that he has a grandson, he is so elated from this news, he says that he is going to give me the craziest name ever. My family name is Fokir, and in Bengali and Arabic, that roughly translates to peasant or poor; that’s been my family name for generations before my dad came to America. But now he has me, and my dada has such high hopes for me that he comes up with a name Shahjada, Shah means king, Jada means son of — Prince. So I just go by Prince.”

To hear more about Prince Sha’s story, tune into the podcast above.

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