Conversation with actress Sita Sarkar from the short film “Dawat”

In today’s podcast we speak with Sita Sarkar. Sarkar is a Bangladesh born, New York City raised actress who is a former student of the Bangladesh Institute of Performing Arts in Queens and trained in classical Indian dance including: Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Manipuri. She is also the lead actress in a new short film called “Dawat”.

Excerpt: “I think my parents’ perspective on raising us was ‘We brought our children here for better opportunities and we’re grateful and lucky, but.. please don’t become American.’ But, I think my mom over the years has come a long way, but absolutely, when I was in undergrad, if I wanted to go cross country she would not let that fly, no way. But now I live by my myself, unmarried, am pursuing acting so I applaud them for being okay with all of that.”

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