5 Bengali Movies to Kickstart 2021!

By Sadia Noor Joya

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Rawkto Rawhoshoyo that translates to Mystery of the Bloodlines, celebrates the triumph of good over evil, as such is depicted by the arrival of the Goddess Durga for the Hindus. As a result, it seems totally apt for me to get it released during the Durga Puja.

Swarnaja is an RJ who is the sweetest a person can be; she helps everyone her heart out. She might seem to be like us, leading a life with a smile on her face, concealing her inner pain. However, her struggles don’t stand a chance in her way from being kind – that’s what makes her different from us.

One day Swarnaja crosses her path with a kid who shared the uncommon blood group as her, Rh-null. It is when she had to leap in deeper to explore their connection. Our sweet protagonist then had to transform herself into a tougher one, as she confronts certain circumstances.  What drew me to the movie was its genre as a medical thriller – a genre that’s comparatively new in the Bengali film industry.

Nabab LLB

Released in 2020; Directed by Anonno Mamun; Genre Social/Drama

The film features a much-needed topic that hasn’t been widely talked about in the Bengali film industry. Aiming to bring justice to the victims of rape and violence that have been going on in the past few years in Bangladesh, Nabab LLB is centered among Nabab, the happy-go-lucky lawyer, who is keen to fight for our victim who has almost lost all hopes of getting justice.

A bold step has been taken by the team who worked hard for this movie. I believe the movie is a stark reminder of how lowly our mindset has become and how we are not helpful to someone who is in need, even in 2020 and that too after so many years of the victory of Bangladesh. Hence, I think the movie was released on 16th December, on the victory day of Bangladesh, to remind the countrymen that it is high time to bring justice and to take a stand against the so-called powerful influencers whose might is not stronger than our sheer will of making the good win. As a result, the movie’s trailer ends with Nabab saying, “Ami herre gele ei desher meyera ar konodin protibaad korar shahosh pabe na ar rapistsra peye jabe dhorshon er license,” which translates to “If I lose then the girls of this country will never get the courage to protest against the violence and the rapists will get the license to rape.”

Dracula Sir

Released in 2020; Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya; Genre Horror/Thriller

Back in 1971, Amol was a Maoist/Naxalite (a member of the Communist Party of India, primarily originating from Naxalbari, West Bengal) wanted by the West Bengal Police. Amol shared a love relationship with Manjari, who used to assist him with his hiding to avoid the police. Even though all of their desires remain unfulfilled in 1971, 2020 gives them another opportunity when Raktim needs to recognize his identity as Amol.

A change of taste is introduced as Raktim is totally opposite of Amol – completely defenseless. He is a victim of bullying because of his canine teeth that resemble a Dracula, the blood-drinking monster. He is a teacher by profession, hence, gains the name Dracula Sir, by his students. Over time, he begins to behave more like a Dracula, to seek vengeance from the people who ill-treated him and his Manjari back in 1971.

Linking the two different time frames of the political 70’s Kolkata to modern day’s Kolkata and introducing reincarnation seems fascinating to me.

Saheb er Cutlet

Released in 2020; Directed by Anjan Dutt; Genre Musical Food/Drama

Young man, Ron can’t stick to a job for the long term. After numerous attempts, he is strongly determined to inaugurate his dream restaurant in the city of Paris, using the cash that he would earn after selling his ancestral house located in Chandannagar, West Bengal. As a barrier, comes his family members and some local hooligans who are against his ideas.

Later he opens a small, musical dining space in that particular house, saying that he is trying to fool people and divert their attention from the whole issue regarding the property. In spite of the facade he puts up, he instantly grabs the attention of the people nearby by the amazing taste of his food and the entertainment they provide.

It is a nice movie to watch as you would chill and indulge in the lovely music and the mouthwatering delicacies showcased throughout – all of which only highlights the Bengali culture.

Mitin Mashi

Released in 2019; Directed by Arindam Sil; Genre Mystery

Adopted from Suchitra Bhattacharya’s Hate Matro Tinte Din, Pragyaparamita Mukherjee who is best known as Mitin Mashi, is a private investigator who needs to find out the missing eight-year-old boy of a Parsi couple.

The movie keeps one hooked with the fight sequences Mitin Mashi has to perform to protect herself from evil. She is picturized as a calm and intellectual lady, who doesn’t back off from the case even after getting threats at a certain point of her investigation. It also feels great to see the classic detective get a face on the screen. Now it would be easier to imagine the vivid tale from the typed version.


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