By Kamrul Khan


Seriously. Don’t you get annoyed when a Bengali person asks you that question? Especially because if you were born in the US or came here when you were young, you’ve probably spent approximately 0.002% of your life in a place that you are now associated with all of its stereotypes. “Oh, tomar bari Faridpur? Faridpur manush blah blah blah.” 

No Aunty. Where my DAD was born does not define ME. I’m from Brooklyn. Don’t get it twisted. I love and am proud of my Bengali roots. I love visiting the village when I travel to Bangladesh. Actually, I prefer it over the city, since the villages of Bangladesh have no pollution and have some of the most beautiful, scenic places in the world. But, don’t attach your those outdated stereotypes to me. I don’t even like Eelish mas that much (Ok, actually I do. That shit is delicious). 

I am my own person. I refuse to accept the village rivalries that have been passed down with other villages in Bangladesh. Shandip vs Noahkhali?! To be frank, I couldn’t point them out on a map for you. Why would I care about some beef from 1978 that was probably over actual beef? I live in New York, and I will befriend anyone regardless of whether their parents follow BNP or Awami League, or which Bangladesh soccer team their parents rooted for. 

Thank you, Aunty.

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