By Sadia Noor Joya

The last couple of weeks have been nothing less than hell on Earth for the residents of Sylhet and Sunamganj due to the violent flood that has shown no mercy. This devastating flood has made its place in history by showcasing its wrath, gaining the throne of the queen of all floods in the 122 years flood history of Sylhet. At this moment, more than 80% of Sylhet and more than 90% of Sunamganj is under water.
Communication options have become limited, there is scarcity of food and shelter and it is unknown if the missing, trapped person is still breathing. Animals, both wild and domestic are also suffering the violence of nature; this can be observed here. The situation has devastated to such an extent that popular social media faces have come forward to work in unison with the courageous Bangladesh Army Officers and volunteers coming from all over Bangladesh to drag residents out of this misfortune. The Bangladesh Army has also launched the following toll free hotline numbers to help the flood victims:
+8801769177266, +8801769177267, +8801769177288; +8801852788000; +8801852798800; +8801852804477; +8801987781144; +8801993781144; +8801995781144; +8801513918096; +8801513918097; and +8801513918098. There has also been news of floods hitting further districts of Netrokona, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Rangpur and Kurigram as most rivers are overflowing with wate

Top: Musician Tasrif Khan; From Left: Barrister Syed Suman and Politician Faraaz Karim Chowdhury

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, has once proved that nothing is impossible if kind hearts join together for the greater good. Musician Tasrif Khan raised 1.6 million Bangladeshi Taka in two days, Barrister Syed Suman miraculously raised 7 million Bangladeshi Taka within a day, an anonymous donated 5 million Bangladeshi Taka to the funds of Social Worker Nasir Uddin and Politician Faraaz Karim Chowdhury raised 2 million Bangladeshi Taka so far to ensure basic necessities for flood victims. They all went in-person to help the flood victims, thereby setting examples of humanity for the youth at home and abroad. Social Worker Firoz Hasan from FreeMotion, YouTubers Salman Muqtadir, Iftekhar Rafsan and Tawhid Afridi, Actor Dipjol, Actor and Businessman Ananta Jalil, Actor Shakib Khan, Advocate Ahsan Bhuiyan’s non-profit organization Poriborton Kori, famed non-profit organization Bidyanondo, non-profit organizations “As Sunnah Foundation,” “FootStepsBD,” “Project Kritoggo” and the students of the 100th batch of Dhaka University 2020-2021 session have come together to address the crisis. Not to mention, the numerous other charities worldwide so please take the advantage of donating as soon as you receive a trustworthy donation request (for ex. from a family member) or spot an announcement on Social Media.

What can we do at this moment?

Famed Sylheti-American Singer, Muza, has expressed his
deepest sorrow at this disaster. He has declared to donate as much as he can to
help flood victims to get rid of this ordeal. You too can donate, and please
use the reference/note FLOOD VICTIMS DONATION. If not, then we will beg you for
one share of this article with the below mentioned donation links. Please
consider saving lives and doing something for the sake of humanity.

1. Musician Tasrif Khan

BKash Personal (Please
use “Send Money” option)

+8801764-260009, +8801301-085383, +8801677-381886, +8801746-428149

Rocket Personal- +8801301-0853832

Nagad Personal- +8801730-250850, +8801764-260009

Bank Account:
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
A/C No. 7017510061059
Name: Md. Tanjeeb Khan Saad
Branch: Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2. Barrister Syed
BKash Personal (Please use “Send
Money” option)

+8801703170945, +8801792419988, +8801733965980,

Nagad Personal-

+8801724688592, +8801711927913, +8801726562402,

Rocket Personal-

+8801763440207, +88019133096380

Bank Accounts:

1. Syed Sayedul Haque

Saving Account No: 4435434127383

Sonali Bank Ltd.

Supreme Court Branch, Dhaka

2. Syed Sayedul Haque

Saving Account No: 0963101103180

Pubali Bank Ltd.

Bar Library Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh

3. Mohd maklisur Rahman

Savings Account No: 1871050012934

Dutch Bangla Bank

Chunarughat Branch, Habiganj, Bangladesh

4. Barrister Suman Football Academy

Saving Account No: 5704201025834

Sonali Bank Ltd

Chunarughat Branch, Habiganj, Bangladesh

3. Politician Faraaz
Karim Chowdhury

BKash Agent (Please
use “Cash Out” option; this will accept donations until 9:30 am Wednesday, June
22, 2022 in NYC time)


4. GoFundMe by VA Resident Muhathade

5. Non-profit
organization FootStepsBD


BKash Merchant Account (Please
use “Make Payment” option):


(Please enter the email address as reference)

Nagad Account (Personal Account): +8801848167731

Bank Transfer:


Branch: Gulshan Avenue

Footsteps Foundation

A/C Number: 1501202933961001

Routing Number: 060261726

6. Advocate Ahsan
Bhuiyan’s non-profit organization Poriborton Kori

BKash Personal (Please use “Send
Money” option)

BKash Merchant Account (Please use “Make
Payment” option):


(Please use reference: FLOOD)

Bank Account:
The City Bank Limited

Account Name: Poriborton Kori Foundation

Account Number: 1233295740001

Branch Name: Gulshan Avenue

Routing Number: 225261732


7. Non-profit
organization Project Kritoggo



8. Non-profit organization Bidyanondo

9.  Students of the 100th batch of Dhaka
University, 2020-2021 session
Rocket Personal (Please use “Send
Money” option)
– +88017410444988 (Sajid, Islamic Studies)

BKash Personal (Please
use “Send Money” option)
-+8801626111552 (Sakafi, Psychology)

Nagad Personal (Please
use “Send Money” option)
-+8801635355478 (Shahin, IR)

For additional queries, please contact Hasan Enam at

10. As sunnah


BKash/Nagad/Rocket Personal- (Please use
“Send Money” option)

+8801408 506070

Bank Account:
A/c Name: As Sunnah Foundation

A/c No.20502920202959613

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Kanchpur Branch


Routing: 125670823


Again, if you are donating then please use the
reference/note FLOOD VICTIMS DONATION. Please spread the word.

from Facebook.

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