“Mission Extreme” Transcending Limits

“Mission Extreme” Transcending Limits in 2021
By Sadia Noor Joya
Instagram @noorj.2948

There is a Bengali movie reigning the streets of both Bangladesh and America; it’s called, “Mission Extreme!” Advanced on all levels of technology, action, dialogue and a superb cast, “Mission Extreme” is taking the Bangladeshi film industry to new heights. It is a sequel to the movie, “Dhaka Attack” and best keep an eye out for a third part releasing this year!

You may have come across its poster, portraying muscular supreme and exhuming action, in the little Bangladesh of New York City. More specifically, the movie is a representation of the intelligent, hard-working and brave Counter Terrorism and Transitional Crime (CTTC) unit police officers in Bangladesh. This is great because it’s high time the public gave recognition to heroes off-screen, such as the real life police officers.

In fact, “Mission Extreme” is centered around Abid Rahman (played by Arifin Shuvo), also the protagonist from “Dhaka Attack.” Abid was the hero in his role as the Head of Bomb Disposal Unit in Dhaka who chased the criminal behind the attack. In “Mission Extreme,” however, although Abid chases supervillains, the stakes are higher for him because the criminals work in unison on spreading violence and misconceptions of Islam in the form of terrorism.

The movie was a collaboration between Faisal Ahmed and Sunny Sarwar (a Police Super in real life) who worked brilliantly to ensure that the movie meets great expectations after creating hype among the audience with the release of its prequel, “Dhaka Attack,” that was based on a similar storyline.

The movie hit cinemas worldwide on December 3rd; this includes Bangladesh, America, Britain, Australia and France. Its original release date was postponed due to the pandemic of Covid-19. It then successfully premiered in 50 cinema halls across Bangladesh with a full house of audience members most days.

Shuvo has gone through enormous body transformation because of the desired role of Abid who has to win the war against the danger in human form, the mastermind behind everything (played by Taskeen Rahman). Shuvo’s transformation video went viral on social media. Most of the stunts in the movie were done by him, himself. It’s his enormous dedication to his role, which is also the reason we all love him and all of you who are only being introduced to him, will learn to love him too!

The movie also stars Sumit Sengupta, Canberra resident Sadia Nabila, Miss World Bangladesh 2018 champion Jannatul Ferdous Oishi, veteran actor Fazlur Rahman Babu, renowned Shatabdi Wadud, popular face of television Manoj Pramanik, renowned Iresh Zaker and many more.

Two female characters to look out for in the movie are “Sylvi” played by Jannatul Ferdoush Oishi and “Era” played by Sadia Nabila. Their roles break societal stereotypes, stepping out and taking in charge of activities just as equally as men. Moreover, there is romance in the movie!

One dialogue that strikes me is delivered by the terrorists. These were young male characters whose roles were to become brainwashed and commit acts that contribute to the misconceptions of Islam. They said, “Either we will return as winners or we will die together as martyrs.”

Another noticeable dialogue is delivered by the protagonist, Abid, who said, “It will be a war against an invisible enemy.” This portrays the dedication of his character to his duty in protecting his country.

Now, it is time to see how everything is put together on the silver screens. Since its release, “Mission Extreme” proudly transcended its limits and is booming with success after it aired on the silver screens of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and Washington.

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