By Rumki Chowdhury

Situated in the largest mall in all of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) and among its approximately 250 shops, is Sunnamusk and its selection of vibrantly alluring perfumes. Sunnamusk, a family business, was released in 2009 and is now worth millions. On Friday, the 9th of Dec. 2022, I went to the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden, to see their intricately and elegantly-designed kiosk in gold and black and welcomed Sunnamusk to Sweden! Their rich fragrances lured me in to come across an array of beautifully-designed bottles and of course, I had to bag one!


There, I met Kazi Abidur Rahman, one of the youngest CEO millionaires in the world, having stepped into the role in 2019 and is now, 26-years-old. When asked how he was feeling, he told me that he was feeling fine considering that within just four weeks, Sunnamusk had been launched in four different countries across Europe: Sweden, France, Holland and Germany. Within just four weeks, he had made connections in four different countries, establishing contacts and training employees. During our conversation, I noticed that his smile and enthusiasm were unfading despite feeling tired from his trips and I remember thinking to myself, “He must really love his job!” 

Sunnamusk began in 2009 on the street markets of Whitechapel, London, immediately following the financial crisis that affected millions around the world. Over the years, they established shops in various locations around the UK, including Westfield Mall, the largest mall in all of Europe!                      

In 2013, they launched their first flagship store; in 2016, they grew their team and in 2017, they released their first original fragrance called, “Abid Ambre,” which according to CEO Kazi Abidur Rahman, continues to be a bestseller! “Abid Ambre” contains hints of mandarin, lemon & grapefruit, rose, lily and orchid, vanilla, amberwood, white musk and sandalwood. Here is my interview with CEO Kazi Abidur Rahman:

R.You are a family of five brothers and you are the youngest brother. Tell us about what it was like growing up and watching your family business, Sunnamusk, grow to what it is today?

K.R. I think it has been a phenomenal journey. From my first memory and the inception of Sunnamusk, I remember my brother Shafiq – telling me in the evening that we have to go to an event. At that point, being a young teenager, I was a little lazy! Little did I know that after I got up to go to help at the stall that day, that would be the beginning of something remarkable, since then the journey has just been strengths from strengths.

R.In a span of four weeks, you opened up shops in four different countries (Holland, Germany, France and Sweden). Tell us about what prompted this expansion?

K.R. We quickly realized last year that the product was becoming a lot more popular in the UK; we were the first brand to bring this type of product and create it in the UK. We noticed that just like in the UK, there were not any brands within Europe selling British-made middle-eastern inspired fragrances. And we knew that the people would love our products.

R.What is the most rewarding part about being a CEO of Sunnamusk?

K.R. Being able to make a difference and support charities, being able to support my family and being able to shape the future of the next generation of the Kazi Family.

R.What makes Sunnamusk unique?

K.R. We get middle eastern inspiration from expensive raw materials such as oud, musk, ambergris, into which we mix our British refinery, which creates a truly unique scent that is not available in the European market.

R.Who is Sunnamusk made for?

K.R. Fragrance lovers that focus on the quality of the fragrance at a very fair price for what it is all across the world.

R.What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

K.R. I would say, start somewhere. The stars won’t align perfectly in the business world so sometimes you have to make do with what you have.



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