The Tandaa Movement is More than Just a Bottle


By Shaolin Barid

Tandaa Bottle Supply was founded by Ferdouse Chowdhury amidst a global pandemic, but there is one thing certain behind all of that uncertainty, the story behind this product’s creation can change lives.

In fact, the pandemic presented many creative blocks for emerging leaders and brand specialists, but that competition presented no barriers for Ferdouse. An avid gym goer, he strived to contribute in creating a more sustainable and healthier environment.

Ferdouse, despite observing looming obstacles that isolated communities from each other, showcased great capability in marketing a product that brought people together:

“I had been thinking about the concept for years, but right when I was ready to launch, the pandemic hit. One thing the pandemic highlighted for me was the scope of global inequality. Not only is vaccine access limited in third world countries, but millions of people have limited access to something as basic as clean water,” he said. “It was an issue I felt I had to address.”

The global water crisis currently affects over 700 million people in the world, leading to unsanitary living conditions. Ferdouse, being aware of this depletion of sanitary living standards in Bangladesh, wanted to utilize his resources to drive consumers to be more sustainable.

He said, “I knew I wanted to address water scarcity. How I wanted to go about addressing the issue required a lot more thought. Over time, my idea evolved into the Tandaa Bottle Supply you see today.”

However, his noble intentions in creating such a product did not stop there! Did you know that the water bottle supply in plastic bottles contributes to at least 20% of municipal plastic waste? Disposable plastic bottles have always been a detriment to land and sea pollution and very often negates the healthy standards needed for sustainable living.

The black, sleek Tandaa bottle was made for very ambitious motives that represented the boldness of tackling environmental issues and the hopefulness in having a future! Ferdouse is dedicated to finding solutions: “We are building water wells in 21st century Bangladesh. So, the design had to be old world glam meets post-modern industrialism.”

When Ferdouse was asked about the growth of Tandaa Bottle Supply moving forward, he noted that future consumerism holds highly optimistic outcomes.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, they are more focused on being better global citizens. So we’re looking forward to continuing to sponsor wells in Bangladesh while creating and releasing sustainable products at the same time.”

Of course, no business manages through without hitting any bumps on the road and Ferdouse’s Tandaa Bottle Supply was no exception: “Our biggest challenge was managing the supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic. There was a bottleneck in inventory plus the pandemic made it more costly to get the bottles manufactured. I was able to find a good manufacturer and he gave me a great deal—the catch was I had to buy more volume. This was a challenge because if I had that much supply, I had to have equal demand. I decided to risk it and chose to manufacture in high volume.  While the manufacturing was taking place, I used social media to market my brand knowing that I needed more buyers. Thankfully, I was able to create enough buzz.”

Tandaa Bottle Supply not only supports a global mission of sustainability and healthy living, but it also represents a global standard for basic, clean water. As a leader in creating environmentally-friendly water bottles to promote the reduction of consumer waste, Ferdouse hopes for a future where his message spans way beyond modern consumerism.

“When it comes to companies like mine, where there is an underlying mission and not just a sole focus on profits, spreading the message is everything. The more people are aware of what we are trying to accomplish, the sooner we can help people access the most basic and most essential resource in the world.”

Tandaa Bottle Supply continues to  encourage many to come together in celebration of contributing to sustainability and in support of fighting the same issues that are detrimental to many countries.

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