Power of Introverts

One of my all-time favorite TED talks is Susan Cain’s “Power of Introverts.” Cain eloquently defines what it means to

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Dak Naam

By Noshin Khan I long for a nickname. I am just Noshin Khan. No middle name. Three simple syllables that

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Dear Mom

By Hamida Unpopular opinion: Hiding parts of your life from your parents does not make you a bad child. Some,

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By Kamrul Khan GRAMER BARI KOTHAI?  Seriously. Don’t you get annoyed when a Bengali person asks you that question? Especially because

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By Roshni Khan @biryani.soul “Amakey maaf korey den”, I heard a small voice behind me as I settled into the dusty

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Self Love

When did we become afraid to love ourselves? I am often called a narcissist, frequently in jest. But even jokes carry some truth to them. Why does my love for myself somehow threaten others?

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Eating with our hands

After I got my first of many plates, I found myself looking around and having an internal conflict, ‘Should I eat with my hands or use utensils?’

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